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Greg holds up a tube of lube. Doug inspects the tub of lube in Greg’s hand with an awe struck expression as though he’s discovered the holy grail.

GREG (WHISPERING) I keep this lube with me at all times. It’s my emergency supply. Nothing worse than dry vagina. Greg goes into Teacher mode.

GREG OK, I got a joke for you. But first I’m gonna ask you a question. Answer this question correctly and I got the next six pack of blue moon.
(CONTINUED) DOUG Bring it on.

GREG What do you need the most when your sorry self just happens to be lost out there in the Sahara desert? DOUG It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. H20, water.

GREG Wrong. You need lube. Especially if the chick is some ’slinky ho’ called Sahara and she’s coming over to your place for some late night dessert. Know what I mean? Better make sure that crank shaft is well oiled and greased if you’re looking for peak performance.